Welcome to Red Line Maine Coon

 We have cats in breeding programs in following countries:
Japan,  South Korea,  Brazil,  USA,  Argentina, 
Denmark, Norway,  Sweden,  Germany, The Netherlands,
Austria,  Finland,  Slovenia,  Poland,  Russia,  France,  Italy,  England,  Ukraine, Switzerland, Iceland.

We live in a small town just outside Aarhus, with our beloved Maine Coons.
All our cats are allways around us in our daily life,

they have free access to almost all the rooms in the house, and of course big fully enclosed outside areas,

in which they have the opportunity to go to, whenever they like.


There have allways been cats in my life, I couldn`t imagine a life without them, so when I acquired my first Maine Coon in 1991 Noble Cat Nero

 - I lost my heart completely to this beautiful, wise and strong-minded cat...

I just had to breed these adorable creatures, - which I did from 1992.      


    My aim is to maintain the natural  and classical
look and size of the Maine Coon Cat, while ensuring loving and affectionate temperaments.



You are always welcome to send an email or phone me, if you have interest regarding Maine Coon

 With friendly greetings
Marianne Hinnerskov Yde

+45   8724 2044